The Food Tour Is En Route

The Food Tour Is En Route


IMG_20150521_151158Looking for something completely unique for your special event?

The Food Tour is here; ready to treat your guests to an incredible experience, one that will be remembered as one of the best.
That infamous food truck that has long brought affordable food to the street has been recently replaced by the hip, trendy gourmet food trailer. Our new state of the art mobile food studio is the reimagined food truck. And what better way to impress your guests than by having our innovative, state of the art mobile studio arrive at your door serving your guest’s customized cuisine with style and originality like you’ve never seen before. We’re more than a food truck; we’re an experience that you won’t want to miss.






Mitchell May16-Cliqlogo

Our modern touring studio was launched at the Bar Mitzvah of Mitchell Garber. His mother, Ilana, a previous client with us, knew that this was a new fresh idea for her son’s Bar Mitzvah. Their sports theme, highlighting the twist of TSN with Mitchell’s initial inserted to create “MSN”, was emblazoned on the truck’s Marquee, and the fun began as guests were surprised to see the Mobile studio pull up in front of the Grand Luxe Event Boutique. Two other marquees lit the menu items as everyone enjoyed Mitchell’s selection of S’mores and Funnel cake, all served by our stylish staff off this incredible cuisine on wheels.





The look is indeed a cut above the rest. Its sleek black styling and personalized marquees are head turners. The outside boasts good looks, but the inside is a pure state of the art stainless steel kitchen. Pizza ovens, fryers, grill, oven, stove, and high tech refrigerator and freezer allow us to create anything only limited by your imagination.


Forget about any stigma attached to the prepackaged food served off a food truck. The Food Studio customizes your menu and prepares it fresh for your guests. From our Gourmet Pizza Tour, the Midway Tour or our local Tastes of Toronto Tour, any menu will be tailored to suit your event. Sky is the limit.


And to say this is convenient is an understatement. Having a party at your home? We will come and go, no cooking or cleanup for you, nothing to worry about except to amaze your guests with an experience that they won’t soon forget. And that is the reason why food trucks pulling up to private properties are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s a private party, anniversary, birthday, wedding, a corporate event or bar/bat mitzvah, our touring mobile food studio is not only trendy and leading edge, it’s a new wave of entertaining fun for your guests.


MrMrsThompson Our studio is booking quickly for weddings, special events and home parties. For more info to reserve the hottest trend on the market, call or email 416-533-1573 or
Be one of the first to enjoy our Mobile Studio. Let us bring the Food Tour to you.


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