18th Annual Canadian Industry Event Award




The Canadian Event Industry Awards are the mark of achievement in the Canadian event and meeting industry.  In the past 18 years canadianspecialevents.com  and has handed out over 540  awards to Canadian producers, designers, chefs, entertainers, caterers, marketers and planners from every area of the industry.  Many of those early winners have gone on to become icons of the special events industry and mentors to the next generation of planners. The awards program has become a launching pad for those companies looking to build their brand and at the same time, a legendary part of the foundation of the Canadian event market that brings out the best in the business, year after year. They come to celebrate with their peers, reward their teams for hard work and dedication, to applause the vision of the clients and…… maybe to brag a little. After all, who doesn’t want to be a winner?

This year promises to be the best yet;  featuring new categories, new partners and a welcome new custom awards platform designed to offer a seamless digital application process.  All entries are now anonymous to the judges who will be using the custom awards platform that will allow them to score each event based on a standard scorecard without knowing who it belongs to. Additionally judges are  not able to download or copy any data and all files are encrypted and stored on a secure cloud server.  Integrity is everything and we’ve taken every step to ensure a fair and unbiased judging process is maintained and that winners of the Canadian Event Industry Awards can confidently say they won because their event was unequivocally the best in Canada.

Celebrate your success and take your place among the stars of the special events world by entering the 18th annual Star Awards.  As always the awards are open to any company or individual that comply with the category requirements.  You don’t have to be a member, you just have to love what you do.  The awards are open to any company or individuals that fulfill the requirements. The online entry system will be live December 15, 2014 and remain live until midnight February 15, 2015.

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